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Buy Black And Mild Cigars in Bulk / Wholesale

Black and Mild cigars are very popular among the cigar users today. These cigars have been in the industry for decades and are very well known for their excellent taste and smell. Thus, there has been a huge demand for this cigar in the market.

Nepa Wholesale Inc. has been selling various flavors of Black and Mild cigars to wholesalers and retailers in bulk all over the USA. We offer very competitive Black and Mild cigars wholesale prices to our clients.

We also provide delivery service all over the USA in order to facilitate hassle free purchase. You can contact us anytime for your queries regarding the Black and Mild cigars wholesale.  

Why Buy Black and Mild Cigars?

Black and Mild cigars are preferred by the smokers because of its excellent taste, smell and portability. Since they are generally smaller in size, they can be carried easily in our purse or pockets.

Also, the Black and Mild cigars are available in an array of flavors from which you can choose. You can browse through our website for available flavors and costs. Black and Mild cigars are created using aromatic tobacco to guarantee a great smoking experience. You’ll always find the flavor best preferred by you.

Do visit our reviews section if you need any recommendations regarding the choice of flavors.

The convenience and ease of the Black & Mild cigars makes it ideal for gatherings where those participating want to pack light yet still get in a good smoking session with friends. 

Black And Mild Cigars Flavors Available at Nepa Wholesale

The Black and Mild cigars come in a wide range of refreshing fruity flavors listed as follows:

  1. Cherry
  2. Apple
  3. Cream
  4. Mild
  5. Wine and many more. 


1. How much does Black and Mild cigars cost?

Nepa Wholesale has been offering very competitive prices to wholesalers and retailers. The cost of Black and Mild Cigars will depend on your order volume. However, we can assure that we can provide the best prices for large orders.

2. How many cigars does a pack of Black and Mild cigars contain?

Black and Mild cigars come in different packaging options. Here are some of the packaging options:.

  1. 5 Pack  of 10 Cigars, total 50 cigars
  2. 1 Pack of 25 Cigars, total 25 cigars 


3. Where to buy Black and Mild cigars for wholesale?

If you are looking for wholesale purchase of Black and Mild cigars in the USA, you can always contact Nepa Wholesale Inc. We are based in Florida and deliver all over the USA. You can place your orders through telephone or directly through our website.

4. Do Black and Mild cigars contain Nicotine?

Yes, Black and Mild cigars contain nicotine just like in cigarettes. A single Black and Mild cigar contains nicotine equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.