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Buy Fire Flava’s and Leaf Grabba Cigar Warps

Herb enthusiasts are always looking for new and better ways they can roll up and smoke their goods. Fire Flava wraps are the next craze among smokers as they offer an all-natural way to roll up their smokes that ensure a slow burn and an authentic flavor.

Fire is one of the few brands on the market currently offering all-organic wraps of hemp and banana leaf to smokers. So, stock up on Fire wraps right now through Nepa Wholesale. We cater to retailers as well as wholesalers with the most competitive rates globally. 

We can ship Fire wraps to your preferred location on any corner of the globe, except areas where hemp products are banned. We even offer free deliveries to orders above $500. So, what are you waiting for? Simply create an account on the Nepa Wholesale website and place your first order of the Fire all-natural wraps. 

Why Fire Wraps?

Smokers typically have a specific preference on what kind of material they wrap their smokes in. Tobacco is a common choice for those looking for the mixed flavor while some enjoy the pure cannabis taste produced by hemp papers. Fire wraps offer a whole new kind of product with flavored pure hemp wraps as well as slow-burning banana leaf wraps. 

Fire wraps ensure a fully natural and GMO free smoking experience. Since they are pure leaf wraps, they will offer you a novel experience while rolling up your smokes. At the same time, you can choose between rich, succulent flavor choices, all of which offer a super slow burn. 

Fire puts the utmost value on quality so that you can get the same, high-quality smoke with each next Fire wrap. 

Types Of Fire Wraps

Fire has perfected an all-new kind of herb wrap with the banana leaf wrap. Alongside that, Fire is one of the few companies that offer pure hemp leaf wrap with infused flavors. These products give you the pure cannabis taste along with your desired taste of tropical flavors. Here are some of them: 

  1. Fire Banana Rillos
  2. Fire Flava’s Banana Cream Hemp Wrap
  3. Fire Leaf Black Edition
  4. Fire Flava’s Mango Hemp Wrap
  5. Fire Flava’s Original Hemp Wrap 


1. How do I use Fire wraps to roll up my smoke?

Fire wraps come in packs of two pure leaf wraps that are specially cured and ready to roll into smokes. Simply cut around the veins to produce a suitably sized piece of the wrap and begin rolling your smoke as you would with a regular rolling paper. 

2. Why use Fire banana and hemp wraps?

Fire pure leaf wraps are the next step in the herb community. Their products provide all-natural smokes with the authentic hemp flavor, and provide an ultra-slow burn so you can chill out with your smoke.