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Buy King Palm Natural Leaf Pre-Rolled Cones

King Palm has been making waves in the industry with its all-new palm leaf rolls. Their pre-rolled cones are completely organic from the roll to the filter, which is made from cornhusks. If you’re a retailer or store looking to stock up your shelves with King Palm products, look no further than Nepa Wholesale. 

You get a wide range of product options with King Palm — from a variety of cone sizes to numerous flavors that have garnered a lot of praise. At Nepa Wholesale, you can get these products at highly competitive wholesale rates in a variety of packaging options — just what you need to stock up your shelves. 

We deliver our products all over the globe and offer progressive discounts with larger orders. Packaging options include but are not limited to 15-roll boxes, 20-roll boxes, and all the way up to 50-roll boxes. 

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Why King Palm Pre-rolls

King Palm entered this industry in 2016 with a blast, introducing an all-organic, all-natural means of smoking. Its palm-leaf cones quickly became the center of attention because of their high-quality build and perceptibly better smoking experience. With its natural leaf cones, you get a cool, consistent draw and none of the harsh taste. 

Over time, King Palm has released a collection of flavors for its pre-rolled cones that have gained praise for their strong, genuine taste. The company also offers a variety of roll sizes such as the King Palm Slim, King Palm Mini, and King Palm XL. They allow customers to perfectly customize their smoking experience.

People are quickly catching on to King Palm pre-rolled cones as a unique new product on the market that is offered by no other company out there. As a retailer or local store, you NEED to have King Palm up on your shelves right now.

Find King Palm products at the most competitive wholesale prices right here at Nepa Wholesale. 

Available King Palm Rolls Flavors

King Palm has introduced over 20 different flavors for its pre-rolled cones. Here are just a few of them: 

  1. Banana Cream
  2. Mango Tango
  3. Watermelon Wave
  4. Lemon Haze and many more.

Different King Palm Sizes

  1. Rollie – 0.5 grams
  2. Mini – 1 Gram
  3. Slim – 1.5 Grams
  4. King – 2 Grams
  5. XL – 3 Grams
  6. XXL – 5 Grams


1. What sizes are King Palm available in?

King Palm has created 7 different sizes for its cones, each of which is designed to hold a specific amount of material. Some of the most popular choices include the Rollie for 0.5 grams, the Mini for 1 gram, as well as the King for 2 grams. 

You can get King Palm products in different package sizes at Nepa Wholesale, from 15 packs of 5 cones, all the way up to 50-pack boxes. 

2. How are King Palm pre-rolls different from hemp wraps? 

King Palm pre-rolls are completely neutral to the taste, with only your chosen flavor to compliment your smoking experience. Besides that, help wraps are notoriously difficult to work with while King Palm cones are super easy to pack and hold their shape quite well. 

3. Which size is best for me, King Palm Mini or King Palm Slim?

The Slim is the next step up in the King Palm cone size designs. If you want to go for a little bit extra, the King Palm Slim can hold 1.5 grams of product while the Mini can hold a standard 1 gram.