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Buy Raw Rolling Papers and Pre-rolled Cones Wholesale

RAW is the iconic brand that encapsulates the complete herb lifestyle. This brand does its job extremely well, offering a mind-boggling variety of specialized products that cover all your smoke needs. 

Rolling papers and cones by this brand are up there among the essential wares needed in every wholesaler or retailer in this business. And at Nepa Wholesale, you can get the best rates for wholesale orders of RAW products.

You can find products of all different categories such as the RAW Classic and Organic Hemp in different sizes and packaging options. Order your RAW rolling papers and cones in boxes of 25 packs, 50 packs, and other options. 

Why Raw Rolling Papers and Pre-rolled Cones?

As one of the most well-recognized rolling paper brands in the world, RAW has become something of a cultural icon. RAW was the very first to market vegan rolling papers. Today, they sell a diverse array of products engineered for a variety of different smoking needs. RAW rolling papers and pre-rolled cones are made from all-organic materials.

At the same time, RAW products also seek to highlight the natural flavors of your smoke. You can get RAW rolling papers in different sizes like the Classic 1 ¼, the Kingsize, the Peacemaker. RAW pre-rolls come in even more outlandish sizes such as the hefty 8-inch-long Emerador size, which is perfect for parties and gatherings. 

Not just that, but you can even get a variety of carefully engineered tips to cover a wide variety of needs, such as the Perforated Wide Tips, the Pre-Rolled Tips, the Wide Tips, Cone Tips, and many more. 

Available Raw Flavored Rolling Papers

  1. Classic
  2. Organic hemp
  3. Black

Available Raw Pre-rolled Cones Flavors

  1. Classic
  2. Organic Hemp
  3. Black
  4. Rawket


1. How to use RAW rolling papers?

RAW rolling papers come in the classic booklet design with organic glue making them ready to use right out of the box. 

2. Where can I buy RAW rolling papers and cones for wholesale?

Look no further than Nepa Wholesale for bulk purchases of RAW products at wholesale rates. Nepa Wholesale delivers around the world and offers special rates for even bigger orders. 

3. What size are RAW rolling papers and cones?

RAW papers come with a variety of size options that meet every need, starting with the classic 1 ¼ or the Single Wide all the way up to humongous party sizes such as the Kingsize and the Emperador.